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Orchestra Student Instrument Program - Why Rent?

Our 2009 Purchase Program Makes Buying Your Student Instrument a Great Decision!

We have more exciting news here at Avalon Music.  Knilling, a premiere name in orchestra string instruments, has shipped our initial order of violins, violas and cellos under the Avalon Music "private label."  What does that mean for you, our customers?  You get Knilling quality at Avalon Music's terrific prices.  Here are some examples:  Student violins starting at under $250. student violas starting at under $340, and student cellos starting at under $580!  For LESS than two years rent at other stores you can own your student.  When your student needs a larger instrument or changes musical direction, these prices allow you to recoup most of your investment.  And for those committed students ready for a full size instrument, we have "step-up" violins starting at under $700 - a savings of over 40% off retail.

If you haven't read it already, please check out our post on Why Rent When You Can Buy?

We expecting our first shipment of these terrific value instruments to be arriving today.  First come - first sold.  If we're already sold out when you make it down to Avalon Music, then we'll put you on our waiting list for our next shipment.