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Welcome Mike Schenck!

Avalon Music is pleased to welcome Mike Schenck as our newest instructor using our teaching studios.  Mike has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience from writing and recording music for almost 25 years.  From thrash guitar to Spanish classical, and all points in-between, music done well is his goal. 

Whether your needs are a basic “how to make it work” - "how do I get to the next level”- or to learn  advanced theory and application, Mike will help you reach and expand your musical goals and abilities.  His teaching approach is tailored to each student’s unique optimum learning style.  Mike makes sure there is a proper foundation for each student's knowledge based on proper tuning, physical technique, instrument set-up,  music theory and application -  including set up of all amplification, effects and processing gear.

Mike is acceptng students from beginning to advanced.  His goal is to help every student let the music out!  Contact Mike Schenck through Avalon Music or via email to set up an appointment.