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Korg, Marshall and Vox is On the Way!

Our NAMM order is in! And after a terrific 2009 we're replenishing our 2010 inventory from Korg, Marshall and Vox.  A shipment of new Korg tuners and metronomes is on its way, as well as another shipment of the incredibly popular Korg SP-250 digital pianos.  If you want to be on our waiting list for one of these $699 gems, which includes the stand, music holder and piano-style foot switch, please call.  

In addition to Korg products, we'll be receiving some exciting new products from Vox.  One of our favorites is the Vox Amplug Cabinet.  Instead of using headphones with your Vox Amplug, create a portable mini amplifier!  For under $50!        



For those you who love the classic sound of  Vox AC15 and Vox AC30 guitar amplifiers- and who doesn't? - we'll have the brand new Vox AC15VR and Vox AC30VR "Valve Reactor" versions of the classic amps.  All Vox.  All Vox AC tone.  But at half the price! 

And we haven't forgotten our acoustic guitar players and singer-songwriters.  The brand new Vox AGA70, a 70W, two channel acoustic guitar amp, featuring a tube pre-amp, will be here in February.  With two true channels for guitar and mic, phantom power, anti-feedback, chorus and reverb FX, stereo inputs for backing tracks, and a built-in DI.  Whew!  That's a lot of amplifier for the Avalon Music price of under $400.00!   



Last but certainly not least are the Marshall amplifiers we have coming for all you tone monsters out there.  The Class 5 tube screamer and the MA50C all tube combo amp are Marshall tone at its finest.   Both at very affordable prices.


But the big surprise is the new line of modeling amps from Marshall, and we have our order in when they are released in February!  These amps combine digital technology with tube power and incredibly duplicate the tone and dynamic response of 16 Marshall amplifiers and effects, including the historic 1959, 1974, JCM800 2203, DSL100, JVM410H and JMP-1.  Plus there is on-board effects.  With the JMD Foot Controller you'll have configurations that include 6 "stomp boxes," 28 preset channels of amplifier and FX, as well as FX Loop and Tap Tempo, all at your feet.

Click on the products photographs to get to the product website. 

 2010 is starting off with great things at Avalon Music - thanks to our very good and very creative friends at Korg, Vox and Marshall!