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Troy Lindsey

Troy Lindsey started playing guitar when he was 14 years old, taking three lessons in the back of a church from a preacher in rural Wyoming, and has had a guitar in his hands ever since.  While growing up his greatest influences were Waylon Jennings and AC/DC, which blended together to give his music its outlaw flavor. 

In 1991, Troy joined the Marine Corps and was stationed in Hawaii working in helicopter aviation.  After leaving the Marines in 1997, he continued with helicopter aviation which he does to this day. Troy has traveled the world, met many musicians and seen lots of life, which attribute to the worldly sound in his music.  During his travels he always packs a guitar or adds to his collection from local luthiers he discovers. 

In the summer of 2009, Troy released his first album “Out of Time For People Without Time” and currently is working on his next project that will include more vocals from his daughter Kristen McCamey.  A brief description of his music would be “Mindful poetry, acoustically blended with modern sounds, laden with thoughts and emotion.”

You can email Troy or learn more at his website.