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Troy Washington's Vocal Pedal Review!

Well, the Boss pointed at the display counter full of guitar effect pedals and said, "Who ordered these boxes and what the heck [nice word substituted] do they do?"  Everyone except me, Troy Washington, saw the Boss coming and disappeared, so I was stuck trying to explain technical stuff to the Boss.  The Boss, intrigued by pedals with microphone inputs (he called them "pedal with those funny input jack thingys") said "Write somethin' up about I can understand."  So here's Troy Washington's Pedal Review that looks at compact vocal processing stomp boxes.  Click on the effect pedal name for a link to videos.

Electro-Harmonix Voice Box

Awesome pedal. Gives very lush and realistic vocal harmonies, as well as some very unique sounds for special effects.  Ii's all in all a small, very easily used pedal.  If I were the only vocalist in a band, this would be a “must have.”  Five out of five stars!

Electro-Harmonix V256 Vocoder

Undeniably cool!! Great vocal pedal, especially for someone who wants absolutely classic “robot” style vocoder effect.  This was by far my favorite vocoder pedal I have ever used.  Small and easy to use.  If you are looking for a way to get a pop/hip-hop style vocal, this is your pedal.  I found myself thinking that I just might be the next Justin Timberlake! (Webmaster note: scary thought, as Justin TImberlake is tall and has hair)

Electro-Harmonix Iron Lung Vocoder

This is a great vocoder pedal that is your classic "talk box!"  No presets, just an on/off button and two knobs.  Just one output directly to your amp.  Nothing to the PA.  Your vocal controls the sound when the pedal is "on."  No vocal, no sound outpu to your amp.  This is an easy to use pedal that would be a great way to get introduced to the world of vocoding.

Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Octavio

(Okay, I know this isn't a vocal pedal, but I'm so excited I had to throw in this review.)  I just found my new favorite pedal! Yeah! Yeah! I have always loved Jimi Hendrix and now HIS sound that I have always coveted.  By itself this pedal is very interesting, but combined with another fuzz or distortion it really comes to life.  I just can’t stop playing when I'm using it.  I enjoyed it most with my Vox Satchurator and a bit of Uni-Vibe effect courtesy of my Digi-Tech EX7 Expression Factory.  Sonic Nirvana has been attained!!!

So there you have it.  Any other pedals you want reviewed?  Just let Troy Washington know.