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Korg Delivers Again!

Avalon Music has just received our first shipments of the Korg SOS Unlimited Multi-Track Recorder and the new reissued Korg Wavedrum!

The Korg SOS will capture and preserve all of your inspired moments, allowing unlimited overdubs, with generous effects and dozens of rhythms.  There's even a handy chromatic tuner.   The SOS is pocket-sized, portable, and battery powered, with the built-in speaker and an internal high-quality stereo mic, you can capture and review your recordings instantly, without the need for any additional equipment.  Advanced recording features include unlimited undo/redo, loop recording, and Sound Stretch allowing you to adjust the playback speed without changing the pitch.  There are 100 on-board effects and 50 preset rhythm patterns.  Record and save up to 200 songs in WAV format up to 10 hours in length.

The Korg Wavedrum demo we had at Avalon Music a few weeks ago was incredible.  You couldn't pull us away for this amazing instrument.  The Wavedrum's extreme dynamic range challenges the response of an acoustic instrument, from subtly-nuanced tapping and stroking to aggressive, rhythmic assaults. From traditional acoustic percussion instruments to unique sounds previously impossible to obtain, Wavedrum serves up an enticing treasure trove of sounds. Traditional hand-drum techniques, such as adding pitch and tonal changes to a strike by pressing the head, have been previously unobtainable on an electronic instrument. No longer. Wavedrum can process and respond to these intimate performance gestures as no other instrument can.  You have got to play this instrument!  It will become a permanent part of your kit.

The Korg SOS has a list price of $400 and sells for less than $300 at Avalon Music.  The Korg Wavedrum has a list price of $850 and sells for under $600.  Here are some cool videos to wet your appetite: