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I'm a Believer!

Fender told the world that the new Fender Mustang series of guitar amplifiers would change the standard for solid state, digital effect amplifiers. 

We received our shipment of Fender Mustang amps yesterday and all we can say is, "Wow!"  The tone is incredible.  Troy was jamming on one and we thought he was using a high-end tube amp.  And that was "out of the box" without using the USB interface and absolutely creative Fuse software.  Go to Fender.com for more info.

These amps are perfect for churches, home studios - as well as the gigging musician.

Fender's initial production and shipment for this new amplifiers series is sold out.  If you're interested, come down to Avalon Music now.  Once you plug into one and hear what it can do you'll buy it.  (And under Fender's GE Money program you could qualify for 12 months "no interest" financing.)