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Avalon Music Means Value!

As we approach completing 19th year, we were recently reminded that Avalon Music does truly provide value to our customers.  We received a telephone call from a customer who needed repairs on a guitar he recently purchased on the Internet.  The guitar was not set up prior to shipping to his home and he had a friend try to complete the set up.  Disaster ensued, and a complete neck and bridge adjustment and intonation job was ultimately required.  But to add to his dismay, he saw that our price was the same, and learned that we set up every guitar we receive when it goes on the rack, adjust set up at the sale, and offer a free adjustments after the guitar has "lived at its new home" for three to four weeks.

We want to take this opportunity to remind you that all our guitars, basses, amplifiers, drumsets (which we sell assembled), sound gear and keyboards at Avalon Music are priced at the lowest authorized dealer price you'll find anywhere.  And if we make a pricing mistake, we match authorized dealer pricing.  This applies to both our "in stock" and special order prices. 

When purchasing a guitar or bass, you can actually see it, hold it, play it, hear it and make sure it's right for you before you buy.  We'll change the set up to your playing style and we'll make later adjustments if there are changes because of temperature or humidity in your home.  And we do this all at our Avalon Music prices.

Thanks for 19 wonderful years!