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Mitch Michkiosky Harmonica Clinic - September 28!

Avalon Music is very pleased to bring you a harmonica clinic with Mitch Michkiosky on Wednesday, September 28, at 6 pm, at Avalon Music.  Whether you're like most of us and have always wanted to play "the harp" - or if your already able to grab a harmonica and join a jam, Mitch will be informative and entertaining.  Some of the topics will be the history of the harmonica, styles of harmonica music and playing, how your embouchure it relates to your tone, lip pursing vs. tongue blocking, proper grip and use of hands, effects techniques, and using dynamics.

Mitch will also talk about gear - choosing the correct harmonica for your style and your band's music, playing with other musicians, choosing keys, and using mics and amplifiers. 

Whew!  This is going to be one information packed clinic!  We'll be providing more information as we get closer to the date about door prizes and our co-sponsors - and to let you know what key of harmonica you might want to bring to the clinic. 

In the meantime, please let us know if you're coming by emailing or calling the store at 509.663.7300.  This will be one fun evening!