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The Challenge - Sell 150 Guitars and Amps - You Won't Find a Better Deal!

Well "the boss" has told use to sell 150 guitars and amplifiers - yes, that 150 guitars and amplifiers - before Christmas. Our reaction was, "Gee, boss are you crazy?"  (We ask that often, but that is another story - or two.)  With a wink and a nod, the boss wrote down "150 guitars and amplifiers - NOW!" and then putting his finger aside his nose - poof! - up the stairs to his office he rose.  Wow. . . 150 guitars and amps must go.   - or we'll probably find nothing but a lump of coal in our Avalon staff stockings!  This requires serious action!

So here's our challenge - we're slashing prices - and you can check out our prices on guitars and amplifiers and try to find a better Christmas deal anywhere!  Our prices are lower than any price you will find advertised in a catalogue or on the web.  So here are some examples:

All Dean and Reverend guitars are 50% off retail! Godin electric guitars are 40% off retail!  Save 45% on all Marshall pro tube guitar amps, 40% on Fender tube guitar amps and 40% SWR Pro and Working Pro bass amplifiers.  Vox Valvetronix amps start as low as $149.99 after rebates!  That's a savings of 50%!  Plus, during our Fender, Jackson and Gretsch sale you'll get 10% off our lowest prices - not just retail prices.  

And on the acoustic side of the shop you will find Epiphone guitars starting at $99.  These guitars play great, look great and sound great!  Seagulls and Arte & Lutherie are 10% off our lowest pricing and you can save over $1,000 on many of our Martin Standard series guitars.  Acoustic amplifiers from Fender, Fishman and Bose are 10% off our lowest prices.

There's nothing "fishy" about Avalon Music prices.  When you come down to Avalon Music we'll have flyers posted with all the information you need to save a bundle of cash this holiday season.  And by the way, we have perfect stocking stuffers and extra gifts for your musicians in the family - strings, capos, tuners, metronomes, drum sticks, stick bags, USB mics for computer recording, effect pedals and . . . the ever popular Gift Certificate!

So help us out, make the boss happy, and take home a guitar or amp - or both - or at these prices you can afford a guitar or amp for everyone in the family!  Come on down to Avalon Music! 

Rock-tober Sale!


Well it's Rock-tober time again at Avalon Music!  Every guitar, bass, amplifier and drum set is on sale, with an additional 10% off Avalon Music's already terrific prices!  We have one of the largest selections in the Northwest, with hundreds of electic guitars, acoustic guitars and basses from Fender, Epiphone, Godin, Martin, Alvarez, Ovation, Seagull, and Arte & Lutherie.  We've got the newest Spider IV amplifiers from Line 6, the Valvetronix, AC4 and Night Trian amps from Vox, the new MG and Haze amplifiers from Marshall, Fender tube amps, Fishman acoustic guitar amps, and thunder-making bass amps from SWR.  Plus, we have the best selling drum sets from Pearl and Sonor set up and ready to go.  Stop by Avalon Music during the Rock-tober Sale and get a deal so great it will be scary!

Musicians Classified and Band Promo

Are you a musician wanting to join a band? A band or singer-songwriter needing musicians? Or a band or performer looking for gigs and a little more exposure? Check out the Musicians Classified and the Performers and Bands listings. If you want to post something on the Avalon Music community site, just get us the information by email or bring it by the store.