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Tommy Clufetos

Tommy signed autographs for over one hour

Tommy makes a fan very happy!

Tommy Clufetos stopped by Avalon Music for clinics in 2006 and 2007. Wow! That's all we could say the first time we heard and saw him play. I guess that's why he tours with Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie. Tommy put on a wonderful clinic each time, focusing not only on drum techniques, but also on having a lifestyle that leads to success and makes the most of our dreams and talents. It was actually very inspirational - we got! - take care of your body and mind, don't abuse drugs or alcohol, give 110% to make your dreams come true kid of talk - did seem kind of odd coming from this crazy guy with "the hair," tight jeans, tattoos covering his arms, and a definite attitude. the most comments about how "straight" Tommy really is!