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Pearl e-Pro Live Drums!

The Pearl e-Pro Live drums are not only unique, they are absolutely awesome.  Electronic drums can sound great - even excellent - as sampling and triggering technology continues to improve.  The two drawbacks to electronic drums we hear are the sets look "space age funky" and the band doesn't get a sonic "push" from the drums.  well, Pearl has answered these concerns with a grand slam home run.  The Pearl e-Pro Live has real 6-ply Pearl drum shells - a 14" snare, 10-12-14" toms, and a 20" kick, standard drum hardware, electronic cymbals in 12-13-16" sizes made from brass instead of rubber or plastic, and Tru-Trac heads that reproduce all the feel and intricacies of acoustic drums.  No compact pads, so you have the same set-up, spacing and ergonomics as acoustic drums.  Play them exactly the same way as you play acoustic drums.  Awesome!

You can check out Pearl's e-Pro Live website and see some video, including Mike Mangini of Dream Theater, before making your way down to Avalon Music for a test drive.