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New Fender Eric Clapton Signature Amps

Fender has just released it's new line of Eric Clapton Signature amplifiers!  

These amplifiers are handwired and built in Corona, California.  The EC Twinolux™, EC Tremolux™ and EC Vibro-Champ®—are fascinating variations on their original '50s-era ancestors (the '57 Twin™, '57 Deluxe™ and '57 Champ®, respectively), and are Fender's answer to the call for special models with distinctive features.

All three amp models feature 1950's era output tube bias tremolo (which produces a more throbbing pulse than later Fender tremolo circuits) and a switchable power attenuator that reduces speaker output, in addition to other premium features. 

Check out Fender's announcement.  And here's a video of Buddy Guy playing the Fender EC Twinolux: