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Avalon Music Welcomes Electro-Voice!

Avalon Music is proud to announce that it has been selected as the Electro-Voice dealer for Central Washington!  Some absolutely terrific Electro-Voice products are on the way to Wenatchee.  Electro-Voice has been a leading manufacturer of sound reinforcement products for decades, with a range of sound reinforcement products from sound systems for small combos to major touring companies, and permanent installations for churches, concert halls, and stadiums. For example, the new Dallas Cowboys stadium,  Belfast's Ulster Hall concert hall, South Africa's new stadium being made ready for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and hundreds of churches through out the world.  Electro-Voice has also been a leader in microphone design, both wired and wireless.  Whether the classic PL or ND series, Electro-Voice has been the choice of hundreds of major performing artists.  As for wireless systems, Electro-Voice cutting-edge technology and demanding specifications have be acknowledged by the NFL's use in every game.

Electro-Voice means quality.  But Electro-Voice also means VALUE.  That's why we are so pleased to make these products available to you.  Whether you have a band, a small club, a public event center, a house of worship or an outdoor concert venue, Electro-Voice can meet the demands of you application and will assist in the design of your system. 

Check out the Electro-Voice website.  And during the month of November, Electro-Voice is giving away a PL series mic every day on its Facebook site

Are we excited?  You bet!  Yooo-hooo!  Welcome, Electro-Voice!