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Welcome Back - Guild Guitars!

Avalon Music is welcoming back Guild guitars!  There were a few years during which the Guild manufacuring process was moved from the East Coast to the West Coast and then finally back to the East Coast in a new manufacturing facility in Connecticut.  Guild also has been building relationships with quality off-shore manufacturing plants. 

Guild has rediscovered roots and is again producing wonderful instruments - some the best guitars we have ever heard.  As one example, guitarist extraordinaire Doyle Dykes has just left his long-standing endorsement arrangement with Taylor guitars and is now a Guild endorser. 

Today's Guild is as dynamic as ever and reflects its history and heritage of old-world craftsmanship, modern design innovation and solid value.  There's really nothing quite like the strong, balanced, crystal-clear sound of a finely crafted Guild acoustic guitar.

Avalon Music has received its first limited shipment.  A beuatiful mahogany 12 string was sold the day we unboxed it.

Check out more about Guild at its website.  Today's Guild guitars are better than ever, and we can't wait for you to hear them!