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Keyboards - Arranger or Workstation?

We are often asked about the difference between Arranger Keyboards and Workstation Keyboards when folks come by the store. Here's a great video done by Rich Formidoni, Korg's Product Training Manager for the USA.  Rich explains the difference between arranger keyboards and workstation in several different ways. Come down to Avalon Music to get the keyboard that is perfect for you.


The Korg MMA-130 Portable Amp Rocks!

The Korg MMA-130 has arrived at Avalon Music and it rocks!  This compact portable amplifier has 4 inputs, XLR and 1/4", plus RCA and 3.5mm inputs, thumping bass response and operates on AC or battery power.  Battery operation can last for up to 24 hours.  

This portable amplifier/PA sounds fantastic for vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, keyboard and even percussion instruments. Check out the MMA-130 at Korg's website and these product videos.



Korg SV-1 - Wow!

The extremely cool Korg SV-1 has arrived in an 88 key model.  The keyboard action feels awesome, the sounds are unbelievable and the interface is absolutely a breeze because it is analog.  (No deep menus to navigate.  It's all switches and knobs.

The acoustic piano sounds are terrific and some of the best we've ever heard.  But the electric piano sounds are over the top.  Why?  Because the SV-1 has a vacuum tube (that would be "valve" for you British folks) that helps the SV-1  absolutely "nail" vintage EP sounds.  Whether you are a piano student, home studio enthusiastist or gigging pro, the SV-1 is a wonderful digital piano that will fit all your needs.  Here a few videos to check out.



Ten Days Until Christmas!

Our 12 Days of Christmas at Avalon Music has been a huge success!  With just 10 days left until Christmas Day we wanted to remind you of all the great promotions from our business partners.  Plus, GE Money financing is still available!   

Roland has a long list of rebates for its incredible products.  Rather than us telling you about each one individually, check out the list and complete details at the Roland website.     

 Fender is continuing its Instant Rebates on American, Standard and Squier electric guitars.  Click here for eligible guitars posted at Fender's website.    

Not to be outdone, Line 6 is giving away $299 in free recording software with purchase of seleted Spider guitar amplifiers, and has other great deals!  Here's the Line 6 website link.   

Well our good friends at Korg are also doing their best to make your Christmas bright.  Deals galore at Korg.com! 

Shure has rebates on your favorite wired and wireless microphones.  A perfect gift for the singer in the family!

And for guitar effects lovers and a great stocking stuffer, TC Electronic has a MojoMojo Overdrive Pedal Giveaway

Mackie is bringing cheer to home recording enthusiasts with rebates on Studio Monitors, Interfaces and ProFX Mixers.   

Plus, Avalon Music has the largest selection of music gear, printed music and accessories in Central Washington at great prices - and with our terrific customer service.  Let us help make your Christmas giving easy and a sure-fire hit!

Raking in the Rebates and Promos - Vox, Korg and Lag

Vox has $50 rebates on its Valvetronix VT80+ and VT120+ amplifiers, with a $25 rebate on its Valvetronix VT20+ and VT40+ models.  All Vox Joe Satriani Pedal - Big Bad Wah, Ice 9, Satchurator and Time Machine has a $30 rebate.

Details and rebate forms are at Avalon Music or at the Vox website.

Not to be outdone, Korg has rebates of $100 to $200 on its M-50 Keyboard, $100 on its PS-60 Keyboard, $20 on the Pitchblack Chromoatic Pedal Tuner - and a free Monotron with the pruchase of a Kaossilator Pro, Kaoss Pad KP3 or Kaoss Pad Quad .  Ends December 31, 2011.  Here are the details from Korg.


And, finally, Lag guitars received at Avalon Music after October 1 now come with a gig bag.  But to sweeten the deal, Lag is giving away a Korg AW-2G clip-on tuner with the purchase of every T66 Series or T100 Series guitar from Lag.  (If you purchased a Lag T66 or T100 series guitar this summer come on down to Avalon Music - we have a form that can get you a Korg tuner.)  This promotion ends on December 31. 

Wireless Tuning from Korg

Are you a school band or orchestra teacher?  Do you play a band or orchestra instrument?  Would you like to check your intonation or the intonation of your students during a practice or performance?  Or work on your embourchure or technique during your solo practices?  The Korg Wi-tune Wireless Tuner is an amazing tool and is available at Avalon Music.  Here as an example of what you can do.


Korg and Vox Rebates!

From September 1 through December 31, Korg is offering manufacturer's rebates on some terrific products!  Come down to Avalon Music for the best prices you will find on a Korg Wavedrum, Korg MS1microSampler or Korg M50 keyboard and get $100 back from Korg.  There's a $75 rebate on the very cool Korg SOS Recorder.  You can even get $20 back on the Korg Pitchblack Tuner.  Vox has joined in with a $20 rebate on the classic Vox V845 Wah Pedal.

Here are links to the rebate promotions and rebate forms - Korg and Vox.

New Korg Piano!

Avalon Music has just received the new SP-170 digital piano from Korg.  The Korg SP-170 is a terrific instrument with 88 weighted keys, 10 fabulous sounds, internal speakers, audio and headphone outputs, MIDI output, and a sustain pedal.  And best of all, you can get yours at Avalon Music for under $500.  And we have more of our best-selling Korg SP-250 digital pianos, with stand, for under $700.  Whether you are looking for a portable digital piano for your child taking piano lessons, a great sounding piano for some relaxation time or an 88 key MIDI capable keyboard for recording - Avalon Music has what you need!