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Pearl e-Pro Live Drums!

The Pearl e-Pro Live drums are not only unique, they are absolutely awesome.  Electronic drums can sound great - even excellent - as sampling and triggering technology continues to improve.  The two drawbacks to electronic drums we hear are the sets look "space age funky" and the band doesn't get a sonic "push" from the drums.  well, Pearl has answered these concerns with a grand slam home run.  The Pearl e-Pro Live has real 6-ply Pearl drum shells - a 14" snare, 10-12-14" toms, and a 20" kick, standard drum hardware, electronic cymbals in 12-13-16" sizes made from brass instead of rubber or plastic, and Tru-Trac heads that reproduce all the feel and intricacies of acoustic drums.  No compact pads, so you have the same set-up, spacing and ergonomics as acoustic drums.  Play them exactly the same way as you play acoustic drums.  Awesome!

You can check out Pearl's e-Pro Live website and see some video, including Mike Mangini of Dream Theater, before making your way down to Avalon Music for a test drive.



November is Drum and Percussion "Snare a Great Deal" Month!

Hello Everyone!  Well, we're recovering from our Rock-tober Sale and the best October that Avalon Music has ever had by getting new inventory back on the racks.  But why not keep it on a roll . . .  so we're making November our Drum and Percussion "Snare a Great Deal" Month.  "Snare" a great deal?  Get it?  Okay, the name is dumb . . . but the prices are terrific.  Our Avalon Music prices on drums, percussion, cymbals, hardware and accessories from Pearl, Sonor, Zildjian, Sabian, Vic Firth, Remo, Aquarian,Gibraltar and other name brands will save you 25% to 35% off suggested retail, or more!  That's as much or more off suggested retail than any prices you will find anywhere.  Plus, you won't pay any shipping and can get it NOW!  But, wait.  We'll also take 10% off our Avalon Music price for any in-stock drums, percussion and accessories during November.  Yoo-hooo!  Now that's a sale!

So come on down to see the largest selection of drum sets, hardware and accessories on display in Central Washington and "Snare a Great Deal" at Avalon Music! 

Avalon Music Stimulus Package Report

It was recently announced that the Wenatchee Valley economy is no longer in a recession, but the local is just "skidding along the bottom."  We believe that's hogwash - but then we are "glass half-full people."  So this is just a reminder that Avalon Music has had its own economic stimulus package - and, wow, has it worked.  Sales are up over 2008!

All our Line 6 Spider III amps are gone, but we have all the brand-new Spider IV amps with tons of new features.  We have a limited supply of last year's Vox and Marshall amplifiers at unspeakable prices, as well as the new tone monster VT series amps from Vox with every built in effect you can imagine, the Vox all-tube AC4, the brand new multi-channel MG series from Marshall with that tone only a Marshall can have, and the new all-tube Marshall Haze mini-stack and combo.  Whew!

Our "Why Rent When You Can Buy for Less" student band instrument promotion is still going strong - with flutes, clarinets and trumpets flying out the door.  We'll be announcing our orchestra instrument program in just a few days.

Have you checked out our percussion department?  Drum kits from Sonor and Pearl at every popular configuration and price point, tons of cymbals, hardware and accessories at slashed prices, and one of the best hand percussion selections around.

Oh, and bass players we have not forgot you!  If you want to move up to SWR Pro or Working Pro gear, then we have some unbelievable prices on this top of the line bass amplification.

And there are only 5 days left for our Bose L1 promotion - buy a Bose L1 and get a free subwoofer - and the Fender American rebate of $100, and get a Players Package with a purchase of a Martin gloss top guitar.  Plus, we're still running our promotions for free tom promotion for Pearl Vision drums.

Help us show the people "in the know" that the Wenatchee Valley economy is strong and that great products, competitive prices and outstanding customer service are the key.