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Roland Gear - Rebates and Financing

Roland has a long list of rebates available on its great gear.  There's $100 cash back on Roland's F-120 Digital Piano, GR-55 Guitar Synth, Lucina AX-09 Keyboard, V-Studio 100 digital recorder, and TD-4 and TD-9 electronic drumsets.  Get $50 cash back on your purchase of a Boss BR-80 or BR-800 digital recorders.  Also, download Sonar X1 Studio for free with your purchase of an Octa-Capture USB audio interface.  And to make all this money saving gear even more awesome, there's 12 month no-interest financing on Roland and Boss gear through GE Capital.  Woo-hoo!   

Check out all the details at the Roland website and then come on down to Avalon Music to start making some seriously good music with gear from Roland.

Raking in the Rebates and Promos - Vox, Korg and Lag

Vox has $50 rebates on its Valvetronix VT80+ and VT120+ amplifiers, with a $25 rebate on its Valvetronix VT20+ and VT40+ models.  All Vox Joe Satriani Pedal - Big Bad Wah, Ice 9, Satchurator and Time Machine has a $30 rebate.

Details and rebate forms are at Avalon Music or at the Vox website.

Not to be outdone, Korg has rebates of $100 to $200 on its M-50 Keyboard, $100 on its PS-60 Keyboard, $20 on the Pitchblack Chromoatic Pedal Tuner - and a free Monotron with the pruchase of a Kaossilator Pro, Kaoss Pad KP3 or Kaoss Pad Quad .  Ends December 31, 2011.  Here are the details from Korg.


And, finally, Lag guitars received at Avalon Music after October 1 now come with a gig bag.  But to sweeten the deal, Lag is giving away a Korg AW-2G clip-on tuner with the purchase of every T66 Series or T100 Series guitar from Lag.  (If you purchased a Lag T66 or T100 series guitar this summer come on down to Avalon Music - we have a form that can get you a Korg tuner.)  This promotion ends on December 31.