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Roland Key-Tar Mania! Check out Jordan Rudess Video!

We just received a shipment of Roland keyboards - digital pianos, sythesizers and work stations.  But there is one special piece you really need to check out.  It's the Roland AX-09 Lucina - a portable synth or key-tar - and an absolute cool piece that is a blast to play.  Plus, Roland has a promotion running through the end of the year.  Get a $100 rebate!

You need to take a peak at this Roland video of Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater rockin' on his Lucina!





Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Our 20th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday was our biggest event ever.  We had hundreds of customers and friends join us for a lot of fun, good food, terrific deals on gear and - best of all - a ton of free stuff!

Thanks to all who made this day so special for us. Dan and Gary from The Quake 102.5 FM kicked things off with a rockfest in out parking lot and kept us laughing the whole morning.  We've got some special "shout outs" to Mike Madlener from Fender and Mike Smith from Roland and Boss, who spent the day talking to customers about the best musical geat on the planet.  These guys drove from Portalnd/Seattle, showed up early and stayed until almost the very end with a break.  You guys rock!

And a ton of thanks to all our business partners who donated gear for our prize drawings and the Shred Contest - ESP Guitars, Fender, Roland, Yamaha, Line 6, Fishman, Chesbro Music, Godin Guitars, Shure, Aquarian Drumheads, Sabian, C.F. Martin . . . and others that I'm forgetting right now

A few more special thank you mentions - Mike Gamble for logistics, and our "go talk to customers and let me cook on that BBQ" folks who kicked us out of the kitchen - Michelle Shermer, Joe Guimond and Mike "Sorry, I didn't get your last name but you cooked awesome burgers!) among others.  Also, guitar teacher extraordinaire, Mike Schenck, who just started helping customers on the sales floor and making sure everyone felt welcome.  And the members of The Swinging Richards and Junk Belly for keeping our blues jam going and all the other musicians who stepped up to show their stuff.

If I missed anybody that deserves special thanks, well ... then ...  THANK YOU!

We'll be posting photos of the event and prize winners today or tomorrow.  And video of our Shred Contest  - now that was a cool show.  We've got some awesome young guitarists in the Wenatchee Valley! 

So to the best customers and friends on Earth  . . . . . Thank You!  Thank you!  Thank You!

Weekend Anniversary Celebration Schedule!


Avalon Music is proud to invite you to our 20th Year Anniversary Celebration!!

It is THIS Saturday from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm.  We'll have some of the best product specialists Fender, Gretsch, Roland, Boss, Seagull and Godin . . . and more!  We'll have new products you can try, with special pricing all day long.  Free BBQ hamburgers and soft drinks!  We'll have drawings and special "blowout prices" announced every hour.  This is a chance to buy - or win - the gear you've been wanting!

Here's the schedule

  • 10:00 am – 12:00 noon - Live radio remote broadcast by Dan Kuntz and THE QUAKE 102.1 FM
  • 12:00 noon– 2:00 pm  Live Blues Jam (outside) with various groups and artists from around the valley – come sign up!
  • 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm  SHRED GUITAR – Contest: 60 seconds to play as many notes as you can – limited space, come sign up!  Grand prize is a Line 6 DL4 Delay Pedal!
  • 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm  Back outside for more Blues Jams
  • 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm  Final prizes given away

 There are thousands of dollars in prizes to be given away!

  • LTD Viper 300M Electric Guitar ($599)
  • Fender Standard Dtrat HSS ($499)
  • Boss BR-800 Digital Multi-Track Recorder - ($450)     
  • Yamaha FG-700S Acoustic Guitar ($199)      
  • Grand Teton Acoustic Guitar ($329)      
  • Marshall MG15FX guitar Amp ($139)    
  • Fender Champion 600 guitar Amp ($239)      
  • TC Electronic VioceLive Vocal Processor ($249)      
  • Fishman AFX Delay Pedal for Acoustic guitar ($249)
  • Dozens of shirts, hats, stickers, mugs, lanyards, posters, banners, drumheads, music books, guitar strings . . . and more!

Everything kicks off FRIDAY night at 6:00 pm with a Fusion Drumming Clinic by GAREY WILLIAMS – cost is $5.00 and a chance to win a SABIAN 15” AAXpolsion Crash.  Lots of door prizes as well -  Get signed up TODAY!

We would like to take this time and THANK EVERYONE for your continued support!!  We look forward to the next 20 years!

Roland Gear - Rebates and Financing

Roland has a long list of rebates available on its great gear.  There's $100 cash back on Roland's F-120 Digital Piano, GR-55 Guitar Synth, Lucina AX-09 Keyboard, V-Studio 100 digital recorder, and TD-4 and TD-9 electronic drumsets.  Get $50 cash back on your purchase of a Boss BR-80 or BR-800 digital recorders.  Also, download Sonar X1 Studio for free with your purchase of an Octa-Capture USB audio interface.  And to make all this money saving gear even more awesome, there's 12 month no-interest financing on Roland and Boss gear through GE Capital.  Woo-hoo!   

Check out all the details at the Roland website and then come on down to Avalon Music to start making some seriously good music with gear from Roland.

Boss GT-100 is the New Standard for Effects!


Mega Multi-FX with Next-Generation Amp Modeling


The long-awaited follow up to the GT-10 has arrived. Meet the new BOSS effects flagship, the GT-100, boasting next-generation amp modeling that recreates vintage amps as well as providing new COSM® tones that soar into the future. The user interface has been improved with a unique dual-LCD system, and EZ TONE has been enhanced with newly designed AMP CUSTOMIZE and OD/DS CUSTOMIZE features. The GT-100 is a powerhouse processor that spans from classic to futuristic in a friendly, rugged, road-worthy unit.

  • Advanced COSM® amps that model vintage amp tones and delivers never-before-heard tones
  • Dual-LCD for simple and intuitive operation with direct access to every parameter
  • Improved EZ Tone TONE feature with graphical TONE GRID for constructing new patches; AMP CUSTOMIZE and OD/DS CUSTOMIZE lets you easily create original amps and overdrive/distortion by customizing their behavior
  • Newly developed ACCEL pedal for simultaneous control of multiple parameters

Check out this video from Boss:


Roland and Boss Resources Rock!

We've been a partner with Roland and Boss for almost two decades and we've seen cutting edge gear released year-after-year.  One of the benefits of gear from Roland and Boss is the tremendous resources available at their websites.  Have you web surfed over to the Roland website or Boss website lately?  Besides being able to register your gear, download manuals and technical specification, and keep gear OS and software up to date, Roland and Boss provide so much more.  Make sure you check out Roland's "microsites" developed for individual products, or their hundreds, if not thousands, of product Audio & Video Demos, as well as Interactive Demos.  Roland even has a Worship Connection site with great information designed just for churches and worship leaders.  Boss provides a complete collection of gear information, videos, "how to" guides and podcasts at its Boss Users Group site and special pages like the new ME-25 Tone Room.

Roland and Boss gear is innovative, of the highest quality, and sounds great.  Come down to Avalon Music and hear, see and feel that Roland and Boss know how to rock! 


Ten Days Until Christmas!

Our 12 Days of Christmas at Avalon Music has been a huge success!  With just 10 days left until Christmas Day we wanted to remind you of all the great promotions from our business partners.  Plus, GE Money financing is still available!   

Roland has a long list of rebates for its incredible products.  Rather than us telling you about each one individually, check out the list and complete details at the Roland website.     

 Fender is continuing its Instant Rebates on American, Standard and Squier electric guitars.  Click here for eligible guitars posted at Fender's website.    

Not to be outdone, Line 6 is giving away $299 in free recording software with purchase of seleted Spider guitar amplifiers, and has other great deals!  Here's the Line 6 website link.   

Well our good friends at Korg are also doing their best to make your Christmas bright.  Deals galore at Korg.com! 

Shure has rebates on your favorite wired and wireless microphones.  A perfect gift for the singer in the family!

And for guitar effects lovers and a great stocking stuffer, TC Electronic has a MojoMojo Overdrive Pedal Giveaway

Mackie is bringing cheer to home recording enthusiasts with rebates on Studio Monitors, Interfaces and ProFX Mixers.   

Plus, Avalon Music has the largest selection of music gear, printed music and accessories in Central Washington at great prices - and with our terrific customer service.  Let us help make your Christmas giving easy and a sure-fire hit!

Roland Has Some Great Rebate Deals!

Get Sonar X1 Studio for free (a $!99.99 value) if you purchase a V-Studio 100 or an Octa-Capture USB Audio Interface for your home studio.  A purchase of a Juno-Gi Keyboard and KC-150 Keyboard Amp combination gets you $100 Cash Back. A Gaia SH-01 Synth or a Boss BR-800 gets you $50 Cash Back.  Purchase a Fender pedal from Boss and get a free Fender Tonemaster Cable.  These specials end December 31, 2011.   All the details and rebate forms are at Avalon Music or at the Roland website.

Roland and Boss - GE Money Promotion





Roland and GE Money have teamed up with Avalon Music to offer 6 and 12 month financing deals on all Roland and Boss products.  Spend $249 on any Roland and Boss products and get 6 months financing.  Spend $499 and get 12 months financing.  Just make your monthly payments when they become due and the financing is interest free  This financing promotion lasts until December 31, 2012.

Roland RD-300NX Stage Piano is Here!

The Roland RD-300NX is now at Avalon Music.  Whether you're a cool jazz, player, a concert pianist or playing on the worship team at church - this piano is incredible!  And at Avalon Music's price of $1,699 you won't find it for less at any authorized Rolad dealer.  Check out these features:

SuperNATURAL® Sound

The RD-300NX’s acoustic-piano sounds are derived from Roland’s acclaimed SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine. With SuperNATURAL Piano technology, three essential elements are dramatically improved — velocity response, note decay, and key-range behavior — resulting in smooth, natural sound and response. For EP lovers, the RD-300NX contains an E. Piano based on SuperNATURAL technology that meticulously models classic vintage EPs.

New Ivory Feel-G Keyboard

The newly developed Ivory Feel-G keyboard incorporates Roland’s most advanced sensor, escapement mechanism, and Ivory Feel features. The keyboard provides the superior touch and sensitivity of Roland’s flagship keyboards, in a compact and lightweight design…a great benefit for gigging musicians who want to travel light.

Unique Sound Focus

The innovative Sound Focus feature ensures that every note will be heard, even subtle pianissimo passages. Based on SuperNATURAL phase-correction technology, this essential feature ensures that the RD-300NX won’t get lost in the mix, penetrating through walls of sound without compressing or coloring the tone. Players can relax and play naturally, achieving presence onstage without sacrificing dynamics and sound quality.

Bonus Features

The popular One Touch Piano concept from previous RD-series pianos has been carried over the RD-300NX as well. The handy feature provides instant access to essential piano and E. Piano sounds and setups with dedicated one-touch buttons. In addition, the popular and powerful Piano Designer feature has been included in the RD-300NX feature set, letting you build custom pianos quickly and easily on the graphic LCD. And finally, for keyboardists who desire a true grand-piano pedaling experience onstage, an optional RPU-3 triple-pedal unit can be added.

Roland New Products at Frankfurt Musikmesse

The Frankfurt Musikmesse is Euorpe's version of the NAMM Show at Anaheim - only it's even bigger!  Well the show opened to day and Roland was quick to announce some terrific new products.   See Roland Connect for all Roland's new products for 2011.

The Micro BR digital recorder has a new family member - the Micro BR BR-80, with an eight-track MTR (Multi-Track Recorder), an eBand mode for onstage backing tracks and phrase training, and a Live Rec mode for instantly capturing high-quality stereo recordings.  And it comes with Sonar X1 LE to provide professional mixing, editing and mastering on your desktop.  Here's a link to learn more.

Most exciting for us, was the rebirth of a keyboard legend - the new Roland Jupiter 80.  With Roland's SuperNatural grand pianos, strings, brass, 4 layers of synthesis the new Tone Blender function allows you to quickly adjust to create and save new sounds, a huge library of of over 2,500 Live Sets, and 76 semi-weighted keys - this performance keyboard will be the hit of the show!  Plus, it comes with Sonar X1 LE.  Get more information here.

Home Digital Pianos by Roland

Roland RP-201 Digital Pianos are now in stock!

The Roland RP-201 is a handsome instrument in satin black or rosewood with gorgeous grand piano sound.  The RP-201 is based on Roland’s acclaimed 88-key stereo multi-sampling, in which the distinctive acoustic properties of each grand-piano key have been faithfully captured. Together with its 128 polyphonic voices, the RP-201’s piano engine performs like a true grand. No matter how fast you play or how much sustain pedal you apply, you needn’t worry about note drop-outs.

 Plus, resonance-behavior modeling for string, damper, and key-off makes the RP-201 all the more natural and realistic. Your pedal positions are detected smoothly, letting you constantly vary the tone by changing pedal depth just like an acoustic grand piano.

With its Progressive Hammer-Action keyboard, the RP-201 has a natural key touch that reproduces the feel and response of an acoustic grand piano. Lower keys are more heavily weighted; as you move up the keyboard, the key weight becomes progressively lighter.

The RP-201 has terrific features for both teachers and students.  A Twin Piano mode splits the keyboard into two identical zones, letting two people sit side by side and play in the same range, with an onboard metronome and recorder.


Roland Keyboard Gear Arriving!

Some of Roland gear has landed!  Check out the Roland Prelude keyboard, with over 1300 sounds from the same engine that is in Roland's killer GW-8, plus rhythms, 128 preset performances and 128 user perfromances, USB connectivity, USB flash drive importing, the Roland D-Beam, plus built in speakers - and all at just a bit over 17 lbs.  This is one terrific keyboard!

How about a professional stereo keyboard amplifiers that not only sounds great, but is totally portable - running on AA battereies or AC power?  That would be the Roland KC-110.   Three stereo input channels, one with both an XLR mic and stereo line inputs, plus Aux In for your mp3 player or other music source, and stereo line ouputs for your PA.  Reverb and chorus effects are on-board.  The KC-110 can tilt-back or be mounted on a short speaker stand.  Using 8 AA rechargeable batteries, the KC-110 can power your street musician gig, campout or day-at-the-park music - vocals and stereo keyboards for over 7 hours! 

More Roland is on the way!  Stop by and test-drive some very cool products.    

New Roland Promotions for 2011!





Roland is starting out 2011 with some great promotions!

Purchase a GAIA (SH-01) and get a FREE Sound Bank download*

Purchase a JUNO-Gi and get a FREE Drum Loop Library download*

Purchase an ME-25 and receive $25.00 cash back*

Purchase an ME-70 and receive $30.00 cash back*

Purchase a GT-10 and receive $50.00 cash back*

Purchase a TD-4SX and receive $100.00 cash back**

Purchase a TD-4S and receive $200.00 cash back**

Purchase a KC-110 and receive 8 Energizer AA Recharge Batteries & 1 Recharger**

* Ends March 31, 2011

** Ends February 28, 2011