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Band Instruments Galore!

Avalon Music has just received its Master Order of fine Selmer clarinets and alto and tenor saxophones, Emerson flutes, and Bach trumpets and trombones.  Prices are terrific with huge savings.  Plus, we are selling dozens of used band instruments from our Rental Inventory.

At Avalon Music we care about our customers.  Please read our 2011 Band and Orchestra Instrument Program to learn how you can own your own quality, new band or orchestra instrument, rather than spending money on rent!

School Band and Orchestra Instruments and Rentals

You'll notice some changes when you walk in to the "new" Avalon Music.  Band and orchestra instruments and drums are much more prominent and get the attention they deserve.  More accessories displayed - both in the counter and on the wall.  And the ability to "get away" to demo that instrument you've been dreaming about. 

Also, with the new school year approaching, it is important to let you know we have changed our pricing policies on student band and orchestra instruments.  Student instruments are now value priced and purchasing your student's instrument can make great musical and financial sense.

And for those of you with a child you is an advanced student, in high school, or going to college to study music - Avalon Music has just received a selection of professional line Selmer and Bach instruments.  Absolutely drop-dead gorgeous tone, playability, craftsmenship and appearance.  The manufacturer's suggested retail prices on these instruments (not the Avalon Music prices) start at a little over $3,000 and go up from there.  We can save you hundreds of dollars, if not over a thousand dollars, on these instruments.  Do come down to see them.