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Line 6 StageScape and StageSource PA Gear! Wow!

This week we had a chance to sit down with our very cool and extremely talented sales representative from Line 6 and he took us through a demo of the new Line 6 StageScape digital mixer and StageSource active speakers.  We were blown away!  It is easy to see why the StageScape digital mixer won the new product category at NAMM.  This gear is revolutionary and will change the way we all "do live sound."  

The StageScape interface is an absolutely huge touch screen, which displays a stage (your choice of what you want the stage to look like).  As you plug in mic cables there are icons showing microphone stands, keyboards, guitars, drumsets added to the stage display.  Adjusting inputs, EQ, compression, limiting, FX for each channel is just a touch of the screen and, of course, can be saved as individual settings or the entire setup can be saved as a scene.  Plus, you can record 16 tracks to a USB flash or drive, or to an SD card. (There's even 20 seconds of 16 track internal recording so you can record a portion of the sound check and continue adjustments without the band.)  And if you want to be mobile, you can control the StageScape wirelessly through up to five - yes, five - iPads.   

There is so much to describe about the StageScape mixer and the StageSource speakers - here are some videos that you have got to see.