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Roland and Boss Resources Rock!

We've been a partner with Roland and Boss for almost two decades and we've seen cutting edge gear released year-after-year.  One of the benefits of gear from Roland and Boss is the tremendous resources available at their websites.  Have you web surfed over to the Roland website or Boss website lately?  Besides being able to register your gear, download manuals and technical specification, and keep gear OS and software up to date, Roland and Boss provide so much more.  Make sure you check out Roland's "microsites" developed for individual products, or their hundreds, if not thousands, of product Audio & Video Demos, as well as Interactive Demos.  Roland even has a Worship Connection site with great information designed just for churches and worship leaders.  Boss provides a complete collection of gear information, videos, "how to" guides and podcasts at its Boss Users Group site and special pages like the new ME-25 Tone Room.

Roland and Boss gear is innovative, of the highest quality, and sounds great.  Come down to Avalon Music and hear, see and feel that Roland and Boss know how to rock!