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Mackie 20 Years Running Contest Winner!

Congrats to winner Badger Koon (yes, Mackie verified his name). His house was subject to a devastating mudslide and . . . . .  My name is Badger Koon and My Mackie SRM450 Active Speakers are amazing! They were totally covered in nasty horse poop and mud during a mudslide!!! I dug them out, washed them out with a hose, and let them dry. To this day they sound good as new. And they are loud! My Mackie speakers sound great for all the events I produce. Thank you Mackie for a great product.

Badger is a true Mackoid and his SRM450s weren’t so bad either.  But Badger now has a reason to REALLY be excited, as he is about to receive a pair of Mackie’s all-new HD1531 3-Way High Definition Powered Loudspeakers. Each one pushes 1800W of power. If he had these after the mudslide, clean-up would’ve been easy. He could crank them up and watch a cubic ton of dirt effortlessly evacuate his house. Badger also wins a 1604-VLZ3 Compact Mixer. The prize is valued at four grand!

Here is Badger's entry as well as a few Mackie videos you might enjoy.  (We particularly like #2 - an absolutely filthy VLZ mixer being successfully cleaned by running it through a kitchen dishwasher - and #4 - the mixer abuse shoot-out.)