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Shred Contest Preview????

So is this a preview of our Anniversary Celebration Guitar Shred Contest????  The SHred Contest is 1:30-ish this Saturday, May 19 during our Anniversary Celebration.  Each contestant gets 60 seconds.  There may be a "shred-off" to declare the winner.  The grand prize is a Line 6 DL4 Delay Pedal,but every contestant will be receive something.  Judges from Fender, Roland and Godin Guitars?  Who knows. They could be listening and judging.  Let's party and do some rockin'!!

Mackie 20 Years Running Contest Winner!

Congrats to winner Badger Koon (yes, Mackie verified his name). His house was subject to a devastating mudslide and . . . . .  My name is Badger Koon and My Mackie SRM450 Active Speakers are amazing! They were totally covered in nasty horse poop and mud during a mudslide!!! I dug them out, washed them out with a hose, and let them dry. To this day they sound good as new. And they are loud! My Mackie speakers sound great for all the events I produce. Thank you Mackie for a great product.

Badger is a true Mackoid and his SRM450s weren’t so bad either.  But Badger now has a reason to REALLY be excited, as he is about to receive a pair of Mackie’s all-new HD1531 3-Way High Definition Powered Loudspeakers. Each one pushes 1800W of power. If he had these after the mudslide, clean-up would’ve been easy. He could crank them up and watch a cubic ton of dirt effortlessly evacuate his house. Badger also wins a 1604-VLZ3 Compact Mixer. The prize is valued at four grand!

Here is Badger's entry as well as a few Mackie videos you might enjoy.  (We particularly like #2 - an absolutely filthy VLZ mixer being successfully cleaned by running it through a kitchen dishwasher - and #4 - the mixer abuse shoot-out.)