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Electro-Harmonix Product Videos

Guitar gods have used the cocked wah sound to create monster riffs that have earned a permanent place in the rock lexicon. That required finding the sweet spot in their wah pedal's sweep. The Electro-Harmonix Cock Fight lets you achieve that cool cocked wah sound without the wah pedal.

Completing the powerful trilogy forged by the B9 and C9 Organ Machines, the new KEY9 emulates the world's most coveted electric pianos and more. With 9 presets, you can transform your axe and lay down a cool "Riders on the Storm" style groove or some hot funk ala "What'd I Say!"

Electro-Harmonix Volume Expression Pan Pedal Demo Gifted guitarist, Bill Ruppert, shows how to use the new EHX Expression, Pan and Volume Pedals to spice up the sound of electric guitar. These three pedals are the newest additions to our Next Step Effects.

Effectology Special Edition "Superego Synth Engine" Effectology by Bill Ruppert Welcome to Electro-Harmonix's "Effectology" series, in which we create a remarkable collection of impossible sounds using just a regular guitar and EHX effect pedals! No keyboards, samplers or midi pickups were used. In this episode I explore new sounds using granular synthesis created by the Superego pedal.

The Electro-Harmonix H.O.G.2

Uploaded by Effectology on 2015-03-05.