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When in need of repair, musical instruments deserve the highest quality attention and care. Whether the repairs needed are major or minor, the goal is to restore the sound and preserve the playability, appearance and value of the instrument. Our repairs are done by highly trained repair staff, who approach their work with respect for each individual instrument.


Most musicians have regular maintenance items that they take care of themselves. Cleaning and tuning are normally handled by the musician -  or by parents in the case of young musicians.

If you have any questions regarding the care and maintenance of your instrument, we highly suggest that you come into our shop for "no charge" advice.  Performing do-it-yourself repairs can easily ruin a valuable instrument, making it both unplayable and unfit for sale.  We often are contacted to fix homemade “repairs” and, sadly, sometimes there is no remedy.  Be assured we will only recommend shop repairs if they are necessary.  We may also suggest repairs if they could improve the sound or playability of the instrument, but only if the cost is justified by the value of the instrument.  

We approach our repair work like any professional: by looking at the entire situation.  If you come in asking for a quick fix, we will determine why the repair is necessary and also inspect your instrument to determine if other repairs, adjustments or maintenance may be needed.  This way you will receive the most benefit from the repairs we make. We also like to know about the level of the player, the kind of music he or she plays, and the repair history of the instrument, if its known. We will work with you to explain what we feel are the best possible solutions, and then listen carefully to what you tell us about your needs and desires for that instrument.

We'll give you an estimate for your repairs - and you can place a limit on how much you want to spend on repairs if we cannot give you an accurate estimate.  


Our repair team has extensive training and experience.  We stay abreast of current innovations in repair techniques. We are capable of basic to advanced repairs.  All our work is completed professionally. However, for unique instruments, vintage instruments and restoration projects we may refer you to a specialized repair shops.


Monday - Friday:

12pm - 6pm

12pm - 5pm

Closed Sundays and most major holidays. 



Avalon Music, Inc. 
532 North Wenatchee Ave.
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