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532 N Wenatchee Ave
Wenatchee, WA 98801
Singers, Songwriters, Storytellers IV
Dennis Broughton, from Mountain Music Productions, LLC, and Steve Clem, from Avalon Music, have joined together to bring Wenatchee the Singers, Songwriters, Storytellers concert series. Staged in an intimate black box setting, each concert features three artists who take the stage to tell their stories, sing their songs and create a true connection with each member of the audience. There's laughter. And tears.

Audiences repeatedly describe these concerts as very special events. Audience members keep coming back and tell us, “This is the way music should be performed and heard.” Once you attend for the first time, we know you'll agree.

General Admission Tickets are available through Numerica PAC at 509-663-ARTS, or Numerica PAC online.

Singers, Songwriters, Storytellers III was held on November 12, 2023. We were honored to have these fine artists perform.  

Nate Weakley has deep roots in the south as well as the Pacific Northwest that blend sounds of acoustic music and a rocker’s passion. His songs reach deep into the heart of country, rock, blues, and soul, and tie them together with expressive words and a powerful voice. Nate’s passionate songwriting tells his stories from his years on the road and on mountain trails. He’s part country boy, part mountain man, part beach bum . . . and all heart. Nate’s music is a perfect self-portrait.  

Amanda Rife hails from Baltimore and began her artistic journey in theatre, filling the role of director, choreographer, actor, producer, stage manager, writer, composer, and lyricist for over 100 productions. She co-organized Baltimore Queerscape, a celebration of queer artists and performers during Baltimore's annual Artscape festival. Amanda is currently the front woman for Bandits of the Animal Kingdom. Her songs are a culmination of her life and reflect the eclectic blend of genres and influences that have shaped her as an artist. Amanda’s rare solo performance will be memorable!

Ian Jones returns for an encore performance at Singers, Songwriters, Storytellers after completing two tours. A national songwriting and recording artist based in Seattle, Ian writes poetic, personal narratives with an artist’s flair.  His Northwest strain of Americana reflects his life among mountains and woods, lakes and rain, and long cold nights indoors.  “If I write songs that bring people to tears, then I’ve done my job.”  Ian’s newly released album, Results Not Typical, is described by reviews as a “seamless collection of songs” and “creating a sound all his own.”  Ian’s every performance is captivating.


Monday - Friday:

12pm - 6pm

12pm - 5pm

Closed Sundays and most major holidays. 



Avalon Music, Inc. 
532 North Wenatchee Ave.
Wenatchee, WA 98801
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